Casket Delivery to Funeral Home

FTC Funeral Rules to Protect Customers

  • By law, a funeral provider cannot refuse or charge for the delivery and handling of a casket from another source.
  • The consumer does not have to be present when the shipment arrives at the funeral provider. However, it is a good idea to inspect the casket to make sure your shipment is complete and that the merchandise is free of any defects and that the merchandise is correct.
  • Consumers cannot be turned away from a funeral provider if they wish to purchase their casket from another source.

What is ‘White Glove’ Shipping?
White glove shipping is a custom method of shipping that is usually tasked with delivering large items and including services with those items. Below is a list of services typically provided by ‘White Glove’ shipping providers:

  • Scheduled Delivery – The shipping service will usually contact the customer to find out the best time for the customer to receive delivery of their item.
  • Unpacking and Assembly – Where many shipping services simply drop your item at the front door, a white glove shipping service will typically bring an item into the exact location designated by the customer.

Often the shipping service will set up and/or assemble the item to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Debris Removal
    After the item has been delivered and set up to customer specification, the delivery service will then remove any shipping materials and trash associated with the delivery.
  • Damage Inspection

The delivery service will also inspect the item to make sure it is not damaged in any way. If the item is damaged or part of the shipment is missing, the delivery service will handle returning the existing item and procure a new item or fix any problems that might have arisen during the shipping process.