Picking Casket Sprays and Funeral Flowers

Flowers have long held a place in our hearts. Often used as symbols of love and affection, flowers as a part of an arrangement have come to mean anything and everything from congratulations to condolences. Making the choices you want for sprays and arrangements for your funeral, or as a choice for someone cared for and appreciated isn’t always an easy thing to do. But understanding some of the basics can help make those choices easier.

We all know the symbolism behind a red rose. Love, especially for a spouse or mate is the purpose behind them. Whether it be the single red rose as an eternal token of our affection or a massive bouquet to exhort the volume and depth of feelings, the red rose is always synonymous with that deep, undying love for a mate. However, other roses such as white and yellow are almost as meaningful. These show friendship, appreciation, affection in a loving, yet not an intimate way. Having an arrangement or spray of white and/or yellow roses can be just as meaningful to friends and family as red roses from a spouse.

Lots of other flowers have similar and even more emotionally descriptive meanings. Lilies and Jack in The Pulpit’s have their own representations of friendship, peace and hope. Daffodils and daises show friendship and happiness. Other flowers have symbolism in shared trials and tribulations as well as shared work, effort and satisfaction. But coming up with an arrangement or spray that is artistically tasteful as well as representative isn’t always easy.

Florists have long been able to access the kinds of flowers we want to represent the kinds of feelings we may have for a deceased friend or colleague. And, with the training and care, they have to put the flowers in a spray or framework that looks good is definitely another reason to take advantage of their services. All too often, we may think we know what one flower or another means, but placed in conjunction with others, it may alter the meaning in a way we don’t want to express.

Using the skills of a florist to provide us with an arrangement or spray of flowers to deliver the meaning we want is definitely the way to go. Not only can they use their skill to evoke the message we want to show, but they can also ensure the flowers are delivered and set up by the casket for the viewing, and then for the burial. Sometimes it’s easier to say with flowers what we want to say with words. And having the professionals help us do so makes sure we have the satisfaction of closure at least on one level.