How to Prepare for a Funeral

Preparing for funeral arrangements can be a very difficult task. Preparing for a funeral requires making countless decisions in a time when you are likely working on very little sleep, feel grief-stricken, emotionally exhausted, and overwhelmed. Planning a funeral that beautifully honors your loved one is, of course, top priority; but you also want to feel confident that you are making wise decisions in the many details of the funeral planning process. Preparing for a Funeral: Enlist the Help of Family and Friends There will be many people silently wondering what they can do to help with the funeral planning. Trying to figure out what someone can do to help plan funeral arrangements may seem like a huge task, but it’s not as big as…Read More

How to Write a Eulogy Speech

Delivering an eulogy is one of the highest opportunities we can be given to honor the life of a loved one. However, once given the opportunity, you need to know how to write an eulogy speech that honors the deceased, acknowledges family, friends and coworkers and is careful of social and cultural etiquette. What is a Eulogy? An Eulogy is a speech delivered in honor of the deceased, usually by someone very cherished by the family. The purpose of the speech is to honor the loved one’s life and accomplishments. How to write an eulogy speech greatly depends on how many people will also be sharing eulogies. If your eulogy is first, the main or only eulogy that will be given, here are some of…Read More