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Explore our resources on caskets, their varieties, and the role they play in commemorating the lives of our loved ones.
Losing a loved one is an experience universally punctuated by sorrow and the eagerness to celebrate the life that has passed. Explore how the funeral industry and technology innovations are weaving into the fabric of our most solemn traditions, offering new channels for remembrance while bolstering the essence of our digital memorials and practices.
Funerals are no longer just about saying goodbye. They've become celebrations of the rich tapestry of a person's life, focusing on their passions, achievements, and the bonds they've forged. This personalized approach can provide immeasurable comfort and healing to the bereaved, transforming sorrow into a celebration of life.
Remarkably, most adult caskets come in a standard size, typically 84 inches long and 28 inches wide. These measurements have evolved over the years to accommodate the average size of adults, making it less complicated for those planning a funeral. The measurements depict an industry standard, born out of logistic needs, standard burial vault plot dimensions, and industry-driven preferences. Remember, these figures represent the exterior dimensions of the casket, not the interior space.
One of our greatest privileges as casket purveyors is that we create meaningful tributes to one's life and work through custom caskets. We strive to carry out the most creative ideas into a quality casket. We always look forward to any design our customers come up with, no matter how unique! A small funeral home in Mississippi called us and asked if we could make a John Deere custom casket for a gentleman planning his end-of-life arrangements. He loved John Deere tractors and equipment, and there was no better way to send him out than in this beautiful custom casket. 
Funeral rites vary across regions, cultures, and religious traditions. Choosing the proper funeral arrangements for your loved one can be confusing with all the options available. Nevertheless, a funeral service is an opportunity to honor a person's life that close friends and family will remember for years.  Let's review the common types of funeral services to help you make an informed and appropriate choice including graveside service, direct burial, full-service cremation, direct cremation, memorial service, green burials, viewings, visitations, and wakes.
Planning a funeral service is a difficult time for any family. While picking out a casket may seem morbid, it can alleviate a lot of stress from the family member or friend tasked with carrying out your funeral arrangements.  By pre-selecting your casket, you get to choose the finish, style, and material for your casket as well as guarantee your preferences for the funeral casket are followed. It's not always guaranteed that a written statement of preferences will be followed, and pre-purchasing a casket can help ensure your final wishes are honored.  

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During this time of grief and remembrance, Sky Caskets is here to help answer your questions. Call us at 800-759-1018 or message us using our online form.

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During this time of grief and remembrance of your loved one, Sky Caskets is here to answer your questions and help you in any way that we can.  You can give us a call anytime at 800-759-1018 or send us a message using the form below.