Comparison of Wood versus Metal Caskets

Losing a loved one is never easy, and you may have just found yourself in the position of having to choose a casket for the person that has passed away, and you are not sure what type of casket to buy. Read more about the price, appearance, and quality of both wood and steel caskets.

What are the Best Flowers for Headstones?

Placing flowers at the graveside is one of the most common ways to honor a lost loved one. Flowers have spoken our love for centuries, and they remain a timeless sign of devotion. It is no wonder then why so many people want to take extra care in choosing the right flowers for headstones to place in remembrance. What Type of Flowers are Most Appropriate to Place at Headstones? The choice of headstone flowers used to adorn a grave is a completely personal choice. Many people choose flowers for the message they convey. Some choose headstone flowers for the way they reflect the loved one’s personality. There’s no “wrong” answer about the graveside flower choice you make. Every type of flower, or color of the…Read More

Picking Casket Sprays and Funeral Flowers

Flowers have long held a place in our hearts. Often used as symbols of love and affection, flowers as a part of an arrangement have come to mean anything and everything from congratulations to condolences. Making the choices you want for sprays and arrangements for your funeral, or as a choice for someone cared for and appreciated isn’t always an easy thing to do. But understanding some of the basics can help make those choices easier. We all know the symbolism behind a red rose. Love, especially for a spouse or mate is the purpose behind them. Whether it be the single red rose as an eternal token of our affection or a massive bouquet to exhort the volume and depth of feelings, the red…Read More

Casket Delivery to Funeral Home

FTC Funeral Rules to Protect Customers By law, a funeral provider cannot refuse or charge for the delivery and handling of a casket from another source. The consumer does not have to be present when the shipment arrives at the funeral provider. However, it is a good idea to inspect the casket to make sure your shipment is complete and that the merchandise is free of any defects and that the merchandise is correct. Consumers cannot be turned away from a funeral provider if they wish to purchase their casket from another source. What is ‘White Glove’ Shipping? White glove shipping is a custom method of shipping that is usually tasked with delivering large items and including services with those items. Below is a list…Read More