Final Farewell in a John Deere Casket

Final Farewell in a John Deere Casket

One of our greatest privileges as casket purveyors is that we create meaningful tributes to one’s life and work through custom caskets. We strive to carry out the most creative ideas into a quality casket. We always look forward to any design our customers come up with, no matter how unique! One such customer with a memorable and unique creative vision was Charles Sedlachek. 

A small funeral home in Mississippi called us and asked if we could make a John Deere custom casket for a gentleman planning his end-of-life arrangements. He loved John Deere tractors and equipment, and there was no better way to send him out than in this beautiful custom casket. 

Charles “Bud” Sedlacheck was a career farmer and a beloved community member. Everyone knew Bud loved his John Deere tractors for their quality and reliability, so we knew we had to deliver a high-quality product to memorialize Bud’s life work and passion. 

Together with Bud and the funeral home, we created a design to mimic the iconic John Deere look. We customized the exterior and interior of the high-grade steel casket with the John Deere logo, which complimented the yellow and green motif for the funeral. A John Deere tractor procession even led the funeral party! We were honored to be able to contribute to such an incredible tribute to Bud’s life. 

Custom Casket John Deere

We work hard with our customers to ensure any idea they have, no matter how small or tractor-sized, is implemented just as they imagine, if not better. We take pride in integrating people’s passion with our designs to remind everyone of the special person whose legacy and life they honor. 

We offer a wide range of options to customize the perfect casket for your loved one. Check out some other custom caskets we’ve created for more examples.