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How to Choose the Right Casket Color

Choose Right Casket Color

Making final arrangements is never easy, especially when you’re trying to capture the life and legacy of a loved one. Before you make any other decision, you’ll have to decide what kind of funeral service you would like to hold. If you’re holding a traditional burial for your loved one, you must pick a casket. 

Caskets have come a long way in the last 100 years, and almost any color imaginable is available. Choosing the right casket is an important decision. Let’s look at some popular color options available for casket colors, but remember that casket customization is endless.

Popular Casket Colors

The most common materials used for caskets are wood and metal. These materials both come in a variety of colors and finishes. However, metal caskets, such as stainless steel, uniquely offer many color options.

Rose Gold Caskets and Pink Caskets

Often donned the “millennial pink,” rose gold has become a trendy metal finish, which is no exception for caskets. Rose gold caskets offer a feminine and delicate touch. Light colors and casket linings often complement these caskets. Gold or silver hardware also goes well with Rose Gold. 

Pink is also a popular choice for women as pink is often associated with girliness. Many of the pink caskets available off the shelf are pale or blush tones, offering a delicate look. Custom caskets can also be made with brighter tones of pink, which can convey a more energetic feel. 

While pink and rose gold is commonly associated with women, these caskets can also be a tasteful and classic selection for a man. 

Purple Caskets

Kings and queens have donned purple as a sign of royalty for centuries. Purple is also representative of spirituality, as purple is at the top of the color spectrum and has the highest frequency. 

Purple caskets come in various shades, from bright purple to lavender. Muted purple tones give a romantic and sensitive feel. 

Blue Caskets

When it comes to popular colors, blue is often at the top of the list. Blue is a color that is reminiscent of water and the ocean and often associated with a sense of peace and relaxation. Blue caskets are a vibrant choice that also gives a sense of tranquility.  

Red Caskets

Red is an excellent option for passionate, energetic, and adventurous people. In some cultures, red is representative of good fortune and wealth. If you get a red casket, you should remember that red is a bold and vibrant color, and the florals and accessories around it may need to be toned down.

Green Caskets

Some people may stray toward something more colorful, and green is an excellent option. Green is a color full of energy representing nature, growth, and the earth. Green is a perfect choice for someone who loves the outdoors. 

Alternatively, a color like army green can be a thoughtful tribute to someone who served in the armed forces. Green caskets can also be a representation of Irish culture and heritage.  

Silver Caskets

Silver is a color that evokes strength, clarity, and focus. Commonly associated with the moon and its feminine attributes, silver caskets are an excellent choice for someone mysterious and graceful in life. 

Frequently associated with wealth and luxury, silver is also a beautiful finish for someone classic and stylish. 

Gold Caskets

Often associated with jewelry, wealth, and prestige, gold is an impactful and lovely finish. Gold is a color with many meanings, including wisdom, compassion, and divinity. Gold caskets are an excellent option for someone who has been a leader and mentor.  

White Caskets

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and white is no exception. White is a color that is often associated with purity, new beginnings, and minimalism. However, this meaning varies geographically. In some Asian cultures, white is traditionally used for mourning. 

A white casket is an elegant choice. White caskets also go with a variety of other colors. You can pair any combination of floral arrangements with a white coffin and create a clean and sophisticated look.  

Black Caskets

In western culture, black is a traditional color for mourning, but it can also symbolize luxury and status. Like white, it is a color that many other colors can complement. 

Black caskets have a formal look and are appropriate for serious people. With all the casket colors available, black caskets are not as standard as they used to be. However, these caskets still offer timeless sophistication. 

Custom Casket Colors

If you read through the popular colors for funeral caskets and didn’t see anything that sticks out, there’s no need to worry. Steel caskets can be custom painted in any color you can think of, so if there’s a color you didn’t see here, you still have the option of getting it customized for your family member or loved one

There are many options for customization available to be ordered outside of the funeral home. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers have the right to purchase the casket of their choice from third parties, and the funeral director must accept it. So if you don’t see anything you like among the common choices, make sure to take a look at the beautiful custom options available. 

Popular Wood Finishes

If you are looking for a more traditional casket, wooden caskets have a warmer, more classic appearance. They also tend to have a more elegant, less flashy appearance. Therefore, wooden caskets are an excellent choice for someone looking for a more traditional casket with a natural look.

Hardwood caskets can be adorned with almost any type of external decoration you might desire—various kinds of wood, ranging from dark cherry wood to lighter colors such as oak and ash.

Mahogany Wood Caskets

Mahogany wood is set apart from other woods with its dark color and is available in various finishes. Due to its scarcity, mahogany casket prices are slightly higher than other woods, making this a unique and beautiful choice for a loved one.

Poplar Wood Caskets

Poplar wood is commonly used in furniture and is known for its elegant finish, and is one of the most popular materials for caskets. Poplar caskets come in several finishes, including white.

Walnut Wood Caskets

Walnut wood is known for being durable and robust. So when purchasing walnut caskets, you know you’re receiving quality.

Maple Wood Caskets

Maple trees, popularly known for their syrup, have a lovely reddish tint, making maple caskets an attractive option. 

Cherry Wood Caskets

Cherry wood is a premium wood with a straight grain with a reddish, sometimes reddish brown, finish. Cherry wood caskets are beautiful but less durable than oak. 

The Right Casket is Personal

At SkyCaskets, we understand that purchasing a casket for a loved one is a deeply personal choice. We strive to help you find the perfect choice for your funeral service and are available 24/7 to answer any questions. 

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How can we help?

During this time of grief and remembrance, Sky Caskets is here to help answer your questions. Call us at 800-759-1018 or message us using our online form.

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