How Much Does the Average Funeral Cost?

There are several aspects to take into consideration when you need to estimate, “How much does the average funeral cost?” You may hear numbers within the 6-7 thousand dollar range from the National Funeral Directors Association, but that number typically only includes fees directly paid to the funeral director, who has the capacity to perform a wide range of tasks.

Hence, funeral director fees can range from $1,500 for basic services up to $6,500, the latter being the number you most often hear quoted.

However, that figure doesn’t account for the bulk of cemetery and burial expenses. You can expect to cover fees for the following:

  • Funeral Director
  • Funeral Home
  • Casket Selection
  • Preparation of Loved One
  • Memorial Services
  • Graveside Services
  • Headstone

Breaking Down How Much a Funeral Costs

Funeral Director Expenses 

A funeral director can lend a helping hand in this time of need, and these professionals can plan several aspects of a funeral for you, including the less pleasant tasks of handling the deceased’s remains and preparing them for burial and viewing. Expect to pay $1500 for the most basic services, and an upwards of $6000 if you allow the director to take care of these details.

Casket Selection 

This is the area where things can get personal, as this will be the where your loved one will rest eternally. Casket prices can range from $1500 to “the sky’s the limit.” You can opt to purchase this item locally or look online for great deals, as caskets can be pricey when purchased from the funeral home.

Memorial Services 

If you are planning a life celebration or service at the funeral home, the charges may be included in funeral director expenses. If not expect to pay fees for the viewing service and body preparation, about $1200 in all. Don’t forget about staff to hand out memorial printings, direct guests, and dispense tissues, so tack on another $5-600 for this service.

Cemetery/Burial Expenses

Depending on the burial site, you may need to purchase a plot and pay for the digging and burial process.  You will also need to consider headstone options and transportation to the site if you plan to have graveside services. These fees can average $2-3000 dollars, and typically aren’t included in estimated funeral expenses.

All said and done, those who need to know how much does the average funeral cost can expect to spend between nine and ten thousand dollars, although this figure can reach much higher depending on the plans and amenities you request. You can save money if time allows by searching out the best deals; however, the majority of families opt to leave most of the details up to funeral directors, particularly in situations where no burial plans were pre-arranged by the deceased.