Crimson Red Fraternity Tribute Casket

We are proud to present the custom Crimson Red Fraternity Tribute Casket, a heartfelt homage to a cherished individual who was deeply connected to their college fraternity. The family desired a casket that reflected the unique bond and shared experiences of their loved one’s fraternity days. To fulfill their wishes, our skilled team selected a casket with the desired shape, gold hardware, and a white interior, and meticulously painted it in a stunning crimson-red hue.

The final result was a perfect match to the fraternity’s colors, creating a beautiful and symbolic tribute to the enduring friendships and memories forged during those formative years. The vibrant crimson-red casket, adorned with elegant gold hardware, is a fitting testament to the love and admiration the family holds for their dearly departed, and the special place the fraternity will always hold in their hearts.



Custom caskets are a relatively new concept that can provide a personalized touch to the remembrance of a lost loved one. A custom casket can bring a smile to the saddest of faces often capturing the zest of life or representing a soothing image. Even a favorite color with a quote from their life or a soothing verse can create a dignified remembrance.

From a sports team to military themes, Sky Caskets can customize a casket for your loved one with a variety of potential designs on the exterior while also adding blankets, flags, or head panels to the interior for a truly personalized touch. Click here to view other custom caskets photos.

Call us at 800-759-1018 if you have an idea for a custom casket or want to learn more about options to personalize a casket for your loved one.   Sky Caskets can customize your casket any way you would like by adding an extra $1,000 to the price of any casket.  Let us know how we can help.