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What does a red casket mean?

Red is an intense color and makes quite a statement!  It represents passion and adventure. It can also signify confidence and power. 

Why choose a red casket?

A red casket is a great choice for someone you shared a deep love for, who was adventurous in all of their life endeavors, and who lived a colorful life free of fear and always tried new things.

How can I upgrade a red casket?

You could add a head panel to the casket. This could be anything from the person’s name and dates to a meaningful phrase or quote. Adding an upgrade to a red casket is a great way to make it more personal and special.

Is color the only criterion for choosing a casket?

Of course not. The material of the casket, as well as the overall style, are also important factors to consider. For example, if you’re looking for a more traditional casket, you might opt for one made of wood. If you want something more unique, you could choose to personalize a casket for your loved one with our custom casket option.

What other colors do caskets come in? 

There are many colors to choose from when selecting a casket, including gold, blue, pink, purple, green, silver, and more. Some other popular choices include black, white, and gray. These colors are often seen as more traditional and respectful. View our in-stock casket colors, or we can customize a casket to match almost any special color that you can imagine.

What does it cost to buy a casket? 

While there is no one answer to this question, we can say that our prices are generally much lower than those of a funeral home. This is because we sell directly to the consumer and do not have the overhead costs of a funeral home. We can pass these savings on to our customers.

For a quality red casket, you will pay $1,195. This is significantly cheaper than the average funeral home, which charges between $5,000 and $10,000 for a casket.

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