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Pine Wood Caskets 

What is pine wood?
Pine wood is a soft wood that comes from Conifer trees. Pine usually has a creamy, yellow to the sapwood and a brownish to the heartwood.

Why choose a pine wood casket?
Pinewood is great quality wood. While it is softer than hardwoods, it offers stiffness, strength, and shock resistance. It is also more resistant to shrinking and swelling. Pinewood has often been a very traditional wood casket option that also is inexpensive and affordable. Many people appreciate the simplicity and plain design pine wood offers. 

Why do they use pine for caskets? 
Aside from being affordable and a common wood, pine wood is a sustainable material so those who opt for a green burial choose pine wood for a casket for their loved ones.

How heavy is a pine casket?
Pine wood is considered one of the lighter woods and an average pine wood casket will weigh around 150 pounds.

How do you get the casket to the funeral home?
Funeral homes must allow their customers the option to purchase caskets and other services from any third party. They do not have to purchase a casket from the funeral home and, in fact, often save thousands of dollars purchasing it from somewhere else. That said, per federal law, funeral homes and funeral directors must accept the delivery of caskets.

How much does a pine wood casket cost?
Sky Caskets offers 4 options for pine wood caskets. If you want a dark pine casket, the standard pine wood caskets costs $1,495. Light pine wood options include the Norwich Natural Pine Casket, the Rocky Mountain Pine Casket, and the Rocky Mountain Oversized Pine Casket costing $1,795, $1,995, and $3,295 respectively. 

What other wood options for caskets are there?
Sky caskets offer a wide variety of other wood options like poplar, walnut, maple, mahogany, cherry wood, cedar, oak, and ash

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