Matt had a few friends who died young, and he saw how much it cost for funeral services. He particularly didn’t think it was right for the funeral homes to be charging so much for the casket, so he decided to do something about it. He started SkyCaskets to help individuals in need to save thousands of dollars on their overall funeral services.

Starting in 1996, Sky Caskets is the oldest online casket distributor and has been here longer than anyone else. We take great pride in that and enjoy helping others in their time of need and offer the best value, price, quality, and service of anyone else on the internet.

Our caskets are made of the highest quality material to provide you the best value possible at an affordable price. We can deliver anywhere in the country in 24 hours for a third of the price charged by the funeral home.

At Sky Caskets, we guarantee our caskets to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Our high-quality products and multiple distribution points throughout the country have allowed us to help many people across the country and even internationally.

We receive so many kind responses from folks after their service telling us how beautiful the casket was and how much they appreciate it arriving so quickly. We take pride in the fact that our business helps a family through a rough time in their life. That is why we love what we do!

Why Sky Caskets

Same Day Delivery
Expedited service available directly to funeral home.

National Distribution
Multiple distribution points gets your casket there on time.

Available 24/7
We are available anytime to help you in your time of need.

High Quality Products
We manage the production process to ensure high quality.

85% Lower
Significant savings compared to funeral homes.


More Testimonials


Lost Loved One to COVID

First and foremost I’d like to thank Matt for the excellent assistance he provided to our family in this very difficult time. We lost a loved one to COVID-19 and due to restrictions applied to funerals, such as closed caskets, I requested Matthew if it was possible to have a casket that would allow the family to see our loved one for the last time. He immediately gave us a positive answer and said that adaptation to the casket replacing the top part with epoxy glass!

Ari Henrique

Absolutely Amazing Service

Great price!  I ordered the lilac silver, and I must say I was completely amazed at how prompt and fast I received it. It was here in LESS THAN 24 hours!! Although for a devastating and sad occasion, it is VERY BEAUTIFUL. Way more beautiful than I had anticipated, which was such a relief because I was so worried it wouldn’t be what I expected since I was ordering online with such short notice. THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN.

Chrystal Walker